The local cocktail bar that puts their customers first.

The Pound

Cocktail tutorials that educated thousands of customers.

The Pound put their customers first with a series of educational cocktail videos.

The brief of the project:

The brief for this project was simple. Create a series of videos that aim to showcase the skill of our mixologists, as well as educate customers as to what’s included in each cocktail in a fun, eye-catching way. The videos would be used to promote The Pound on social media, as well as re-engage existing customers.

We set out a single day of production in a blocked-off area of their bar, and created a series of four videos with a small team of three. Of course, they absolutely loved our work and couldn’t wait to share them online.

The project at a glance

What did they say?

We loved working with Odyssey on these videos. Great to work with, a fun experience overall, and would definitely work them again in the future.
The Pound,
Marketing Manager

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