Struggling to plan, film, and edit high-quality videos?

With the ever-growing universe of social media, video content can often fall to the bottom of the pile. That’s why we launched The Odyssey

What’s The Odyssey?

It’s a ‘done-for-you’ video package where we plan, film, edit, and deliver a variety of tailor-made videos to your inbox, every month. Giving you the peace of mind that your content bank is always full.

Lost in the vastness of social media?

Our team has your back. Our dedicated team of experts will guide you through the journey from start to finish. From creating your social-first video strategy, all the way through to producing videos that will get people talking about your business.

What our clients say about us

We’re blown away by how good our videos look. Seriously, well done team. These turned out better than we could have ever expected.
Josh White,
CEO, Cano Water
We’ve worked with Odyssey for many years, and will continue to use them for all of our company videos. We wouldn’t go anywhere else.
Paul Cunnif,
CFO, Freeway Insurance
We did one project with Odyssey, and shortly after we made them our go-to video partner for the next year. Impressive work is an understatement.
Tom Francis,
E-Commerce Manager, Nourished
I loved that they didn’t just make pretty videos, they guided us on what we should be posting, and how each video should be structured for maximum engagement. Our go-to agency for video!
Skye Capazorio,
Head Of Marketing, Dropless

The Odyssey empowers you to easily create videos that regularly engage your


Customise your very own video package

Our video subscription is tailor-made around your vision, goals, and destination. From branding, ideas, number of videos, subtitles, soundtracks, graphics, and more, every aspect of your video subscription is fully customisable.

The Odyssey Process



We’ll create a tailor-made quarterly video plan based on your goals, and we’ll continue to revise and tweak this every three months to ensure we’re on top of the latest trends and freshest content ideas.



We’ll collaborate with you on a series of video ideas, scripts, and stylistic approaches. We’ll look at trends, analyse competitors, and develop concepts that will be sure to put you on the map.



We conduct filming of a fresh set of videos every six weeks, as this allows us to stay reactive and on top of social trends that we can use to your advantage.



Your dedicated editor will begin colouring, structuring, and adding your branding elements into your videos, and will keep you updated throughout the entire process so you’re always in the loop.



You’re able to go into each video and leave personalised feedback and comments for your dedicated editor to action, with the mission to make your videos perfect.



We review the performance of your videos every quarter, or after every second set of videos created. We look at what’s worked, what hasn’t, and how we can continue to improve your results with bigger and better videos based on real world data and analytics.

Selected Projects

Ready to start your video Odyssey?

If you’re looking to create out-of-this-world videos, get in touch with Mission Control and our Launch Directors will contact you shortly.