Video content that’s out of this world



Want to freshen up your videos?

Whether you’re just starting your video journey, or you’re looking to launch your online presence to new heights, check out our range of video services

  1. one The Odyssey Subscription

    Finding the time to plan, film, and edit fresh videos for your social channels always falls to the bottom of the pile. Make sure that you’re staying consistent and front of mind with high-quality videos by taking a look at our always-on video subscription.

  2. two The Odyssey Workshop

    Take your online presence to new heights by hiring our Launch Directors, Jack and Ross, to train your team in both the art of creating impactful videos, and the skill of developing a video strategy that will skyrocket your social media marketing.

  3. three The Odyssey Experience

    Embark on the extraordinary journey of creating an out-of-this-world video with our full suite of expert creatives. From videographers, editors, motion designers, and visual storytellers, we’ll create a video that you’ll be using for lightyears.

Ready to start your video Odyssey?

If you’re looking to create out-of-this-world videos, get in touch with Mission Control and our Launch Directors will contact you shortly.