About & Team

We’re an agile team of dynamic creatives that live & breathe video.

We’re here for the voyage, working closely with you to meet your video needs at every step of the process.

Since our lift-off back in 2018, we’ve worked with over 250+ clients ranging from small businesses to global brands.

So, why us?

As a flexible team, we work in small crews and seamlessly slot into your internal marketing team.

We create the videos that you didn’t think were possible. We don’t overcomplicate or overproduce, and we like to keep things as simple as possible whilst working quickly.

Meet The Team

Our team brings diverse expertise to every mission. Utilising creativity, commercial-mindedness, and the latest and greatest technology to create videos that leave lasting impressions.

The crewThe crewThe crew

Ready to start your video Odyssey?

If you’re looking to create out-of-this-world videos, get in touch with Mission Control and our Launch Directors will contact you shortly.