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YouTube long-form that educates consumers

Claro reached out with the mission to stand out online and educate their audieince about financial literacy.

The brief of the project:

The Marketing team at Claro came to us with the goal to take their YouTube channel to new heights, and really get some traction online. We decided to do this though searchable, organic long-form videos that answers the common questions their customers were asking in a fun, light-hearted fashion.

We conducted filming every six weeks, and managed upwards of 50+ models and actors per month in a London-based studio, and filmed a variety of videos that we could post weekly onto their YouTube channel.

The project at a glance

What did they say?

We worked with Odyssey for around three months, and loved every moment of the experience. They’re clued up on social, give endless ideas, and go out of their way to deliver an exceptional service. We’d highligh recommend.
Alex Ford,
CRO, Claro

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