TheOdyssey Workshop


The demand for bigger and better video is increasing.

It’s as clear as the north star that training your team to create regular in-house videos can be a powerful tool to have in your marketing arsenal.

After years of creating thousands of videos

We can teach you our video knowledge and experience. Giving you the clarity to begin your video journey and the confidence to create videos that will skyrocket your social media presence.

Hire our Launch Directors

Jack and Ross, our Launch Directors, will develop your very own social-first video strategy, and will train your team to plan, film, edit, and publish videos like the professionals.

What our clients say about us

Jack and Ross have been unbelievably helpful both during the workshop, and after when I needed further support with my videos. Every business should do this!
Joanna Brookes,
Business Development Executive, Van Leeuwen
I had made videos before, but I never approached them like these guys. I feel much more confident in creating bigger videos for my business after this workshop.
Dave Hargest,
Marketing Manager, Selmach Machinery
I’ve come away feeling ready to get cracking, and with thanks to Jack and Ross, I’ve got everything I could ever need, and more, to create professional videos. Would recommend!
Sabrina Chevannes,
CEO, Complex Creative
We’ve wanted to make videos for a long time, but never knew how to do them professionally. I would recommend Jack and Ross to anybody looking to up their video skills.
Samuel Jones,
Digital Communications Officer, Fortis Trust

Start your video journey with the technical, strategic, and creative skills to create extraordinary videos for your


Information about The Odyssey Workshop:

Our workshop comes to your door, and we’re not restricted on your location. They start at 9AM, and finished at 4PM, and can include a maximum group of six core team members during the day to ensure that we give the right time and attention to each individual.

It’s a collaborative, fun, and engaging experience for any business, small or large, looking to increase the quality and performance of their in-house videos.

To book a Workshop contact Mission Control

If you’re looking to create out-of-this-world videos, get in touch with Mission Control and our Launch Directors will contact you shortly.