The recruitment company that blew up on social media.


The candidate aquisition video that blew up

Numi aren’t like other recruiters; they want to be different.

The brief of the project:

Both Co-Founders of Numi Recruitment reached out and wanted to create a video that was totally unique to the industry, which still to this day is a lot of the same, done-before content. It had to be bold, stand out, and grab peoples attention enough to make them apply for a role at Numi.

Six weeks later, we rented out a London studio, hired professional talent, and got their entire team involved in a video that would go on to take the industry by complete storm.

The project at a glance

What did they say?

We wanted something copletely different, and we knew Odyssey would be the agency to bring our vision to life. We’re very proud of our video, and feel it really sets us apart from our competitors.
Mark Long,
Co-Founder, Numi Recruitment

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