A wellness brand creating a big impact online.


Promotional Adverts that engage their customers

Creating videos that generate a large impact online is at the heart of everything we do at Odyssey.

The brief of the project:

Nourished came to us with a mission. To create a promotional video for their wellness brand that looks and feels completley different to everybody else in the e-commerce space. Use that video to grab attention, educate customers, and eventually get them as a customer. So, we got to work.

After three months of hard work and refinement, we ended up with a video that is so impactful and does an incredible job of standing out online. Exactly what Nourished wanted. They’ve now become a long-term client of ours, and we continue to create regular videos that help to push the boundaries of the traditional wellness space.

The project at a glance

What did they say?

Odyssey have been our go-to video agency for the last year, and this is exactly why. We enjoy working with them, the process is smooth and efficient, and the final outcome is always something we’re proud of.
Tom Francis,
E-Commerce Manager

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