A local brewery that skyrocketed the quality of their adverts overnight.

Curious Brewery

D2C videos don’t have to be dull and generic.

Instead, why not capture them like Curious Brewery? Eye-catching, engaging, and memorable.

The brief of the project:

Curious Brewery worked with us to put their bottled lager into the spotlight to generate more customers. They wanted a video that was short, “mouth-watering”, and made viewers curious to try it for themselves.

After just a single day of filming at our video studio, we put the footage into the edit and decided to introduce alternative branding elements that made the video stand out. After delivery, they invited us to a special celebratory evening and we were walked around the manufacturing process, which was amazing!

The project at a glance

What did they say?

We loved seeing what the Odyssey team could create, as we gave them full creative control to make the most curious video possible. It’s safe to say that we love the video and would highly recommend.
Curious Brewery,
Head of Marketing

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